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What our Customers Say

I hired Glas-Tint with total confidence. The installation was performed with no mess, no hassle and with no disruption to my family.

Great experience. They did a perfect job. Both Hank and Jason are totally professional, courteous and they know exactly what they are doing. I would hire them again for sure.

The team was very courteous and professional and our window has never been better. Brett was great in explaining the different types of films and Jason did a fantastic job installing the film. Would definitely return if we needed future windows tinted.

Excellent experience … Mr. Weiss was great to talk with and his associate, Terri was quite informative. The whole experience was wonderful from start to finish. The installer, Alex, was over and above what I expected. He did a great job, was very accommodating and courteous and left my house the way he found it. I would recommend Glas-Tint for anyone that wants a great product and a good working experience.

Competitive pricing, new generation window film, professional, respectful of property…. job well done!

Hank Weiss came to the house and provided various options customized to my needs, explained everything in detail at that time and then answered all of my subsequent questions over the phone. The installer was punctual, professional and friendly and took care to protect my home from any damage. I’m very pleased with the final results. The price of window tinting was more than I originally expected but Glas-Tint’s price was equal to or less than other quotes I received. Great customer service!

Reduced Fading

Res.Reduced.fadingSpend a day at the beach and you’ll see what the powerful rays of the sun can do to your skin, even with SPF protection. Now imagine you’re a sofa, a carpet or a precious piece of art and you can’t protect yourself from damaging sunlight day after day. Over time these items will fade, just like precious memories.

Glas-Tint can help you find the perfect window film that can block up to 99% of the harmful UV rays that are slowly destroying your possessions. Keep your furniture, flooring, window treatments and art looking brand new with our help.

Heat Reduction

Res.Heat.ReductionThere are few things more comfortable than a room bathed in natural sunlight. The warm feeling of the sun envelops you and makes you feel cozy as can be. But too much sun can have other consequences such as raising ambient temperatures and associated cooling costs. Curtains or shades can help, but they block the sun and views you desire.

The right window film can help you do both; conserve your views and reject the suns uncomfortable heat and damaging UV rays. Glas-Tint can help you select the right window film to increase the comfort or your home and help lower your energy consumption.

Glare Reduction

Res.Glare.ReductionIt’s happened to all of us; you’re trying to read a book or watch television and the glare of the sun makes it difficult to see. So, you get up and move to another area of your home. Many homeowners look to window films to reclaim their living spaces from the nuisance of the suns glare.

Glas-Tint has helped hundreds of homeowners across the tri-state area protect their homes from sun glare. Whether it’s the whole home or just a few critical rooms, we have helped people like you to enjoy the natural light without the discomfort of sun glare.

UV Ray Protection

Res.UV.RayDay after day the sun is slowly destroying your homes furnishings. Bit by bit, powerful UV rays naturally sap coloration from your possessions slowly fading them from their original luster. The warmth of the sun is always welcome, but not its damaging affects. Window films are designed specifically to block out, or redirect UV rays while allowing the sunlight to enter your home.

Many homeowners in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania look to Glas-Tint to help them protect their homes with the right window film. We can help you too, ask for a free estimate today.

Safety Films

Res.SafetyThe safety and security of your home is always a great consideration, and, even in these troubling times, alarms and video surveillance aren’t always a deterrent. Safety window films give you an added layer of protection by making your windows harder to penetrate from intruders while also preventing glass shards from flying in the event of a natural disaster.

The tri-state area has its crime issues and no community is immune. Let Glas-Tint raise your level of comfort and security by installing the perfect safety window film today.

Decorative Films

Res.DecorativeDecorative window films are designed for interior glass partitions or the inside surface of windows. Available in an impressive array of textures, deigns and patterns, they are a low cost decorative solution for nearly every room in your home. Imagine a softly frosted bathroom window, an architecturally pleasing pattern on inside doors, a rice paper treatment of a shower enclosure. The list of intriguing and pleasing designs is almost limitless.

Let Glas-Tint help you with our trained design professionals find the look that will make your home a showcase of your own unique style and flair.

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